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Tech entrepreneurship has exploded around the world, and Silicon Valley is now but one of many models. A conversation with venture capitalist…
[Members' preview] How tech entrepreneurship exploded beyond Silicon ValleyListen now (46 min) | Episode 31 with venture capitalist Christopher Schroeder
Episode 30 with Leah Cowan: Should we abolish borders?
[Members' preview] "Borders are an extension of the colonial project"Listen now (40 min) | Episode 30 with Leah Cowan

April 2021

How to join today's members callHello friends! We’re on today at 5pm London time for our members’ hangout. That’s 9 am on the US West Coast, noon East Coast and 6pm Western Eur…
The same politicians who told us not to hoard toilet paper are stockpiling the world’s most valuable good. We're secretly glad.
[Members' preview] Vaccine nationalism has probably wonListen now (29 min) | Episode 29 with Tania Cernuschi of the World Health Organization
Episode 28: Dr Steve Taylor explains the psychology of thinking beyond borders... or not.
"Nationalism is a psychological aberration" [Members' cut] Listen now (37 min) | Episode 28 with psychologist Dr Steve Taylor
International travel restrictions stop a lot more than holidays. Millions have been separated from loved ones abroad for a year or more. Episode 27.
[Members' preview] Families separated by the pandemic are starting to reunite. Transnational families aren't. Listen now (25 min) | Episode 27: A Brit in Uganda and a New Zealander in Britain share their experience of maintaining family ties across borders in…